As seen on Buzzfeed :: Porn Stars Teach Couples Secret Sex Moves

Porn Stars Teach Couples Secret Sex Moves

Posted by BuzzFeed Video on Friday, February 12, 2016

Desiree Lopez

Latina Throats

Desiree Lopez is back to push her limits. Her first visit, she was paired with Gio alone. This time around, she had AVN award winner Tommy Pistol and Gio. Combined, these guys are a wrecking crew. This one raises the bar to epic heights. More intensity, more messy... more everything! Tommy and Gio ran a train on her tiny throat and even tinier cunt. Warning... this one is a screamer! It's scenes like this that prove we are the hardest, most extreme high octane site on the internet. I don't mean to toot our own horn... but it's scenes like this that solidify how fucking awesome we are. Enjoy this one. It's a gem!

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Brandi Foxx

Brandi Foxx is a 30 year old milf. Weighing in at a mere 110, she has a nicer body than girls 10 years younger. She has the type of body I prefer... tight and petite. It's about time we've had a ghetto gagger come in that's not an obvious candidate for diabetes, right? Anyway, this sassy little cunt thought it was all jokes and fun during the interview but clearly, she was nervous. I pick up on those little ticks. When she wouldn't stop flapping her gums, Pistol stepped in and slapped the sass right out of her body. She learned quickly that we're not to be fucked with. That, topped with a throat pounding set her straight. Obedience was taught to this scuz bucket. For a tiny bitch, she could take the dick, too! She likes it hard, fast and rough... so that's what she got.

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Alora Jaymes

Whoa... we nailed another one out of the fucking park today! You guys may remember whore Alora Jaymes. She was here a little over a year ago and worked with Bootleg. Today, she served up Tommy Pistol and Gio. Both guys went ham on her face, stretching out her throat to accommodate hard cocks. The intensity on this scene was beyond what I've seen in a long time. Chills ran through my body. Watch her get her ass pounded like a fresh fish on death row. I'm talking this is some hard painful anal, baby! We completely overshot our hopes of improving on the first scene. This one will definitely have you talking around the water cooler. Enjoy!

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Sasha Sweet

I wasn't here the first time Sasha Sweet visited Facial Abuse, so I don't know how it went. However, today was fucking awesome. Happy whore, Sasha Sweet, has been out of the scene for a few years and she's making her triumphant return to porn at the best, most extreme, hardest porn site on the net! We even flew in the world famous, Tommy Pistol, to show her a proper welcome. Tommy ran the show big time today. Not only did he fuck her up mentally, he destroyed her physically with crisp slaps, breath play and total domination. Gio rode shotgun, cramming his meat down her throat until she unloaded chunks... gross yellow chunks. The happy whore was passed around like the cheap slut she is, hopping from cock to cock in short but intense fuck sessions. Picture two wolves fighting over a piece of meat... you get the idea. Some days, it all clicks. Today was one of those days. I present to you an amazing scene, courtesy of all of us at!

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